Cyber security and privacy consultation

Providing a range of cyber security and privacy services for business and government.

Privacy Pen Testing

Applying adversarial testing to privacy. Prior to releasing or sharing a data set have us evaluate the privacy protection. We can evaluate proposed designs and implementations, as well as real-world testing of proposed data sets, to determine effectiveness of privacy protection and re-identification risk.

Security Evaluation and Advice

Expert advice on cyber security and privacy for system and software development. Whether it is app development, web applications, or whole-of-system, we can provide expert evaluation, advice, and options to deliver your security and privacy needs.

Protocol Design and Evaluation

Design, development, and evaluation of security and privacy protocols. Whether it is early stage design advice or an in-depth review of a proposed protocol, we can provide expert advice and guidance.

Cryptography Advice

Correctly implementing cryptography can be difficult, getting the details right matters. We can provide evaluation at the design and implementation stage. We can provide advice on options available for your particular scenario, or review designs, or even source code.